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I'm a UK-based web developer specialising in developing bespoke websites powered by Craft CMS. If you need a developer for your next Craft CMS project, contact me.

What is Craft CMS?

The “CMS” part of Craft CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS enables you to log into your website and manage its content – editing details such as opening hours or menus, creating or updating pages, writing and scheduling blog posts, changing images and more.

Why use Craft CMS over alternatives?

Having worked with a number of difference content management systems, I've found Craft CMS to be best-in-class. It's versatile, developer friendly, content editor friendly and very well maintained. The control panel interface is, in my opinion, unmatched. However Craft CMS is more than a content management system – being built on a relatively modern PHP framework means the system is ready to be extended with any kind of custom functionality required without compromising on the maintainability of code.

Can my e-commerce website be built on Craft CMS?

Yes – Craft CMS is a great foundation for your online store. You then have a number of options for powering the e-commerce part of your website including Craft Commerce (the first party plugin from the team behind Craft CMS), third party plugins and hosted solutions. The best option for you will depend on your specific needs.

What experience do you have with Craft CMS?

I've previously deployed Craft CMS in use-cases ranging from basic marketing websites, to e-commerce sites running Craft Commerce, to websites with completely custom functionality where customers can – for example – register, purchase subscriptions, manage their own profile and more.

Can my existing website be migrated to Craft CMS?

Yes – I have experience with migrating websites over to Craft CMS.

An example case would be an e-commerce store which was spread across two systems – general pages served by WordPress and store pages served by Magento. In this example I brought everything under one system using Craft CMS and Craft Commerce, migrating the existing content and products over. This enabled everything to be managed through one control panel and greatly improved the order management system much to the end client's delight.

Another example is a paid membership website, this website was previously put together using various WordPress plugins which were becoming difficult to manage. The website was successfully migrated over to Craft CMS with a bespoke module to handle the membership system including a customer-facing membership area and a management area integrated into the Craft CMS control panel. All existing membership data, including paid subscriptions, was migrated intact.

When might Craft CMS not be the best option?

Although Craft CMS is often the best option for the projects I'm working on, the two most common scenarios where that's not the case are:

  1. Extremely small, simple websites where you don't need to update the content yourself. In this case a simple static site (no CMS) may be the better option with less on-going maintenance required.
  2. Web applications, particularly ones on the more complex side (and therefore best as a stand-alone project) or ones which don't benefit from any content management. I build most web applications on Laravel.

Mike's development services have been a God send to us - he is fast and efficient, nothing is too much trouble and he is also incredibly patient. His customisation work on recent Wordpress projects of ours has been excellent. I would recommend him without question to anyone wanting a reliable service and also great value for money.

Chrissie Rowell, Black Hare Marketing

Mike's always been my go to person for building and maintaining websites. Having used his services for 3 projects to date I would without doubt recommend his work to others. All projects have been delivered on time to the agreed budget. I look forward to working on more projects in future.

Andrew Corran, Corran Partners

We've worked with Mike on a number of occasions to create and manage bespoke websites for our clients. He's reliable, delivers quickly and the work meets my clients' expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike to others in need of website development and look forward to our continued work together.

Laura Tickle, UK Networks

I've worked with Mike on 4 projects now. He not only does a great job, but he's quick to reply to all queries. His knowledge is second to none and I fully recommend his services. I've got another project in the pipeline and Mike will be taking care of that one as well.

Kenny Palmer, DJ Agency

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